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All vendors in these hunts are on PG or Mature Sims. Vendors on Mature Sims may sale more then just Kids Items. Kid Items must be in a separate area. Hints will appear on the this Blog, but Not all Vendors give Hints.

~*~ Organizers ~*~
Duchess Whiteberry

Friday, June 17, 2016

Welcome Statement

Duchess Kid Hunt group has been in existence since December 2009. Created by Duchess Whiteberry to help the children of SecondLife to find quality items, and to help Creators of Children items gain exposure across the grid. Throughout the years, we have hosted many events, all with children in mind.  Each theme is designed to showcase the creative talents of our wonderful vendors, while giving our hunters an exciting, and fun time hunting for the many treasures that are offered. 

If your a Creator and interested in becoming one of our vendors, please take a moment to fill out the vendor application. We also welcome those who would like to become a sponsor, for one or many of our posted events. If your interested, please take a moment to read through our sponsor information. 

We wish all who participate, happy hunting!!!