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All vendors in these hunts are on PG or Mature Sims. Vendors on Mature Sims may sale more then just Kids Items. Kid Items must be in a separate area. Hints will appear on the this Blog, but Not all Vendors give Hints.

~*~ Organizers ~*~
Duchess Whiteberry

Happy Birthday Hunt List

Happy Birthday Vendor Lineup

1. QT Patootie ~ Start Location Changed ~ I Gacha!!!

2. Giggles, Wiggles & Smiles ~ Read me a story, then Tuck me in tight! Tell me you Love me and kiss me goodnight! Now hush little birdies as I sleep through the night!

3. Cuddle Bugz ~ I see you do you see me!!!

4. ** Xeolots ** ~ Time to get clean before the birthday party starts.

5. .:Bubblegums: ~ Sit and Chillax

6.  [:BeLLa KiDs:]

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