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All vendors in these hunts are on PG or Mature Sims. Vendors on Mature Sims may sale more then just Kids Items. Kid Items must be in a separate area. Hints will appear on the this Blog, but Not all Vendors give Hints.

~*~ Organizers ~*~
Duchess Whiteberry

Rules/Guidelines for Vendors

After spending the past several years of organizing hunts, I've decided to go with a Hunt System to make my job a little easier. Not just for myself, but for vendors, as well. But in order to make certain that it DOES run as smoothly and easily as possible for everyone involved, the following rules will be applied to our upcoming and future hunts.

Please make a note of each item and do your best to follow our guidelines.

**Hunt item = the item you will be given to place your prize inside, and then hide for hunters to find**

~ Every Hunt will have a due date for vendors to be prepared. If you do not have your hunt item(s) out by that due date, you will be moved to the end of the Hunt and will have two days grace period before being removed.

~ If you relocate before the due date and you fail to inform us of the change, you will be moved to the end of the Hunt. You will have two days beyond the due date to fix the problem, before being removed from the Hunt altogether. It's to your benefit to make sure you keep us informed of any changes; if we don't know where you are, we can't send hunters -- and potential customers -- your way!

~ Your hunt item's name will be randomly selected for you. This prevents hunters from being able to cheat. Do NOT change this name.

~ Do NOT change the color of your hunt item.

~ Hunt items may not be hidden inside other objects. Over, under, behind, or next to is fine, but if a hunter has to overly cam for it, it should not be hidden there.

~ Hunt items should not be too hard to find. You don't have to place them out in the open or anywhere they are easily spotted, but hunters should not have to spend more than twenty minutes actively searching for your item(s).

~ If you have a large store with multiple levels, a Hint Giver & Path are must-haves.

~ All vendors in these hunts are on PG or Mature sims ONLY. Vendors on Mature sims may sell more than just kid-related items, but if this is the case, any other items from the same vendor that ARE kid-related must be in a separate area.

~ Decoys are a big issue with hunts, and I don't like them. Therefore, they are NOT allowed. Anyone found using decoys may be refused participation in future hunts.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in being removed from the current, and possibly any future, hunt. In most cases, however, you will be given two (2) days to fix the problem. I have covered all problems that I have faced in the past, but be aware that since these guidelines are subject to change at anytime, you should always read any notecards you are given.